What I do

Image by Sam Moqadam

I help companies, organisations, public services, communities and their teams to adapt and thrive in uncertain & complex times. As a trusted adviser, I help them explore and design strategic options and facilitate the resulting transformation processes. My areas of expertise are:

Futures thinking

Strategic foresight, Futures studies, Futures literacy, Leading under complexity, Sensemaking
(See also my project Exploring Futures)

New work

Business agility, Agile management, Agile learning, Social learning, Knowledge management, Competence management, Agile HR, WOL, OKRs, Remote work governance, Collaboration, Internal communication, Storytelling, Purpose


Screening opportunities for digitisation throughout the value chain, Designing digital business models, Digital marketing, Omnichannel customer experience, Service design, UX design, Adopting emerging technologies


Identifying innovation opportunities, designing tailor-made innovation processes and eco-systems, Embracing design as a strategic opportunity

Business ethics

Environmental & social responsibility,  Circular economy, Community building, UN SDGs, B-corps, Doughnut economy