My story

Very early in my career I got interested in management science, organizational design and innovation in all forms. In parallel, I have been involved in different aspects of the emerging Internet since 1997 and I have been working on many digital transformation related topics and projects since then. I am also well connected internationally in different communities of practice.


As a passionate futurist, I've been acting as an advisor, a coach, a team member, a leader, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a researcher and a science & tech geek ever since then.


My assignments & entrepreneurial projects during the last 25 years were diverse, mostly strategic at the C-level and always focused on governance models, management techniques, innovation, knowledge management, strategy, technology, sustainability, business ethics and change.

I'm also interested in politics, science, technology and the arts.

My passion

Understanding the world we are living in has always been my passion.


The natural world, the business world, the social world and the scientific world. Life is a never ending learning process and curiosity is key.


I also consider myself a futurist, as I'm constantly sensing emerging patterns in management, business, society, technology and science to capture opportunities for building better businesses and a better world, and defy threats where possible.

I started to work as an independent consultant, entrepreneur, researcher and facilitator since I quitted university back in 1994 where I got a Master of Arts degree in economics (UCL, Belgium), which gives me over 25 years of professional experience.


The independent work allowed me to follow my own interests and my curiosity and become a multidisciplinary systems & design thinker, always in search for the big picture.


I have been assisting at many international conferences on diverse topics, sometimes as a speaker, what allowed me to become part of different global expert networks and CoPs.

I am fluent in English, French, German, Luxembourgish

My affiliations

Founder and owner of strategybuilders, the legal entity of my work.

Exploring Futures, a brand of strategybuilders practicing strategic foresight and futures literacy

Member of the New Club of Paris

For Luxembourg based companies

​I am a certified consultant for the following Luxembourg government economic aid programs: 

Fit for Digital

Fit for Resilience